Help Requested & And A Puppy Class

I received the following from Kristine Berg and agreed to post it.

If anyone has any extra papers can you pass them my way? I have these “highway” puppies and I am going through papers like you can only imagine, keeping them on my carport in a pen at night or during rain. These guys are going through a worming so I can’t describe how messy it is right now. Hopefully I can find homes for them soon. I can’t seem to find the recycling center ever open. Thanks for your help.

Kristine also has a puppy class coming up this month.

Too bad I don’t live in that area. I might take advantage of that class.

4 thoughts on “Help Requested & And A Puppy Class

  1. Yeah, too bad. You are really not that far for a once a week drive? You would enjoy it and it’s very beneficial. Really prepares you for puppy and adulthood.
    Happy you have a new addition. Can’t imagine my life without dogs. I wouldn’t laugh and smile one tenth as much.

  2. I think I have always had a dog in my life. The only void has been the last 5 years when I was forced to give up my two prizes, Pepe and Skippy. One’s world is always a little happier when it contains a 4 legged dog. I have known a few two legged dogs and they are just not the same.

  3. We have had our (now) 8 month old Doberman pup in Kris’ classes for a couple months now. If there is something about dogs, dog training, or resources for your dog that Kris doesn’t know, I can’t imagine what it is.

    My wife was terrified of all dogs one year ago. Now she loves all dogs and is the primary person doing the training of ours. It is really a pleasure to have a dog who walks well on a lease, will sit or lay where you tell her to and stay there until you finish your meal. It makes having a puppy much more rewarding. Plus, the costs for the classes are much less than a well-chewed pair of leather boots.

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