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Luckily, I stretched the morning out long enough that I was able to eat lunch in Volcan. I chose a Thai restaurant that I had heard was good. When you take the turn to the right in Volcan going to Bambito, it will be in your left.

When the doors that you see in the photo are open, you know the restaurant is open. Paul, who runs the restaurant, said it is open 7 days a week.

You can see from the following photo, that the restaurant has a nice garden room atmosphere.

In fact, one wall is covered with all sorts of plants. What a great pleasant place to eat.

The menu had lots to choose from. And as you can see, these are very good prices. Makes driving to Volcan instead of Boquete an easy choice.

I went with the Ginger Broccoli Beef. I gotta tell you, it was fantastic! Just a hint of picante with a great flavor.

Three others had the sweet rice noodles with broccoli. They all said it was great.

Richard, our tour guide for the morning and able restaurant finder, had red curry. He also said his choice was fantastic.

You ask, “Was it really any good?”. Well, what do you think?

Following lunch, we got a tour of the carnivorous plant garden that Paul has. Paul said it took him four years to get the paperwork that was required to bring the plants into Panama. Here is but one varity that he had.

This was another interesting plant he had. He said that when a bloom comes, it is only there for one day. I was there on a lucky day.

Paul also has a couple of the cutest puppies you would ever see. I am not quite sure how, but one managed to come home with me, but that is another story.

If you are in Volcan, and have an opportunity to eat at this restaurant, you would be making a good decision. All of the meals are prepared at the time and it will take a little while for it to be prepared, but well worth the wait. If you want to call ahead to cut the wait down a little, the number is 6594-8313. When you see Paul, tell him you learned about his restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

17 thoughts on “Restaurante Polineth – Volcan

  1. Dear Don,
    And so it starts, one puppy at a time, congratulations to you and your new puppy, please send pictures, and name. We’ll share the photo with our herd. Have a good day!

    Clyde and Linda

  2. Amazes me that little old Volcan has a Thai restaurant and not even Panama City can conjure up something close to decent. In the bigger picture, I think gringo dining scenes in Chiriqui/Bocas are more sophisticated and creative (proportionally) than that which we have in Panama City.

  3. Hi Ron. I understand that there are several that I would like to try. I am afraid that some would require me to spend the night.

  4. We wll have to get up there and try it. My wife is Thai (we are told by the embassy that she is one of only two Thais in Panama), and we haven’t found REAL Thai food yet. Most of it is just spicy Chinese and renamed. She would really like to find the other Thai person, just to speak the lingo. We have almost a full Thai herb garden, including REAL Thai chilis, growing out back.

  5. Don: Glad you finally got there. As you know, I’ve been crowing about the place for 3 or 4 years now, and we get over there every chance we get. Paul, if he didn’t already reveal this, has developed a terrific hot (and I do mean HOT) Thai chili sauce that can be used as a condiment. I think he should bottle it. I’m not a salad lover but the spicy beef salad is marvellous (and not too spicy). The best part is all of his food is fresh and made to order AND in the over 3 years we’ve been going there, he has not raised his prices! Hope I don’t jinx that by mentioning it.

  6. Thank you, Don Ray. I already copied their phone number. The weeping wall is translated as ” la pared llorona”.

  7. Ever since eating here, I DREAM, I FANTASIZE about my next meal at Polineth. Why oh why oh why we don’t have a Thai restaurant in Panama City (when the climate is somewhat similar, so you’d think we’d have Thai people living here), I’ll never know.

    Paul really puts together some luscious dishes at very reasonable prices. You will not leave hungry; and, if you love Thai food as we do, you, too, will have daydreams of another meal at Polineth.

  8. We have had Thai food in many restaurants and Paul Volpa’s Polinithe remains at the top of our list. He makes everything including brewing his own fish sauce by hand. The food is incredibly fresh (try the papaya cucumber salad). Paul is also an accomplished botanist (take the tour of his private collection including one plant discovered by him!) I’ve heard mention of a call in advance dinner of passion fruit duck we’re going to try it.

  9. Sorry, we ate here 2011 and must say the food didn’t resemble any Thai food I’ve ever had and I’ve had some good stuff. Paul, I understand was/is in the U.S. so someone else was cookin’! Total disappointment.

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