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I received the following email with a request to post.

From……: Diana Boase

Hi Don

I am requesting a link to Choose Chiriqui , a website which is not a real estate website but a For Sale By Owner website formed by and for friends who are sick of real estate agents and want to sell their homes privately.

I do understand you not wishing to enter into the normal real estate advertising but noticed that you do have links for fsbo and rentals. We at choose chiriqui have properties for sale and rent also and we are about Chiriqui so would willingly add a link to chiriquichatter.
Looking forward to your response
Have a great weekend

I requested more information and received the following.

If someone wants to list a property with, all they need do is to contact us at with their details, and we can direct them with the type of listing they require. We will need a good and accurate description of the property plus quality photographs. There is no limit to the quantity of information or photographs. All we ask is a small, one off fee to cover the costs of webmaster and we list and promote their properties world wide and pass on all enquiries. Their listing can appear online within a very short timescale and will be removed when the client requests or sold. We are able to provide a very prompt, professional and personal response to inquirers and also offer some guidance with regard to relocating to Panama. We have articles posted on the major sites drawing even more web-traffic (please see ~ I am happy to say the website is enjoying considerable success.

Many Thanks and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “Chiriquí FSBO Website

  1. Looks like a good service. Thanks for pointing it out. We have frequently been at a loss when people ask us how to find property.

  2. Hi Ray. I thought it fit the criteria I had for posting information. I hope anyone that uses the site reports on how it served them.

  3. Does anyone know what the “one off fee” is for listing and covering webmaster fee? For some reason, prices are almost non-existent on ads, etc. Thanks.

  4. Hi Charlotte
    The fees for each listing on fsbo site will be in the range of $50 – $250 but never very much more. Some properties require a full write up, video coverage, more photography, and a lot of extra work……..we really do work very hard to give a prompt service but if someone wants to change their listing or create a lot of work for us then we will have to cover the costs. We prefer to talk to the seller to see what kind of listing they want and then we can quote them a price. Buyers are to be found from around the world at this time and we respond with all enquiries promptly, efficiently and professionally at no extra cost.
    Thanks for your interest. By the way… We will be introducing a rentals section in the coming week so keep checking. Let us know your thoughts and some feed back would be great.
    Many Thanks

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