Saturday Breakfast at Dalys Restaurant in Volcan

Today, I did make it up to Volcan for breakfast. We ate at Dalys and it was as good as I had been promised it would be. I was able to meet many people that comment on CC and several more people that just happened to be there. Thanks to Susan for encouraging me to go to Volcan for breakfast. I was lucky enough to meet her there.

The menu is on the wall and I didn’t take a photo, but there is a little bit of everything. I had a great cheese omelet with whole wheat hojaldres. If I had wanted I could have ordered chili cheese fries. Like I said, there is a little bit of everything and I hear it is all good. I should mention that the prices are very reasonable.

I brought several breakfast rolls home to have in the future.

Here is a photo of Dalys on the left and Don on the right. If you get to Volcan and are lucky enough to eat at Dalys Restaurant, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Following breakfast we drove to Caisan, which allowed me to see some beautiful country. If my day had ended then it would have been a great day, but more good things were yet to come. We spent enough time looking around so it was lunch time before we returned. Stay tuned for that post, because you will want to know about it.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Breakfast at Dalys Restaurant in Volcan

  1. Glad you found your way up to Volcan for Saturday breakfast at Daly’s. Kim and I try to get up there as often as possible. I just wish I had a Mustang GT in Panama to make the trip up the hill and back down again a little more fun. 😉

  2. Yes it was a good trip. The car had four occupants going up and five coming back. However the weight only increased by 2 1/2 pounds, but then that will be another post.

  3. Don,
    Glad u made it up to Vulcan (what I call it..) for some chow @ Dalys. Me & the Wife frequent the place when we’re in town. Don (not you, the restaurant Don..) & I ALWAYS have tons of laughs at the expense of a few jovial mutual friends of ours. In particular, a guy who drives a motorcycle always wearing shorts and with a little white dog riding in an old milk crate lashed to the back rack on the bike. Quite comical! Nice hard working crew there too! Clean! & good prices too!
    If I lived in Vulcan, I’d eat there at least 3x a week. On the way home last week we stopped in for breakfast on the way out and picked up a few of those cinnamon buns for the ride home. I don’t think they made it past Ciudad Neilly to be frank..
    Vulcan has LOTS of restaurants but a few stand out, Dalys being habit forming place to stuff your face.
    Also, you can have a few pops there as alcohol is served. Always drink in moderation!! I think penalties have increased exponentially in Pan as well as C.R. Budget shortfalls, you know…

  4. Don,
    Be sure to let people know that the name is pronounced like the city (Dallas’) not like a newspaper (dailys). This really is a great place! Wish there was one within walking distance to us here in CR. Also, if you visit Volcan again and want a dinner place, check out Mosto Restaurant. It is on the Rio Serrano road just past the Lions’ Club sign on the right. I would interested in your opinion on the place. Between Dalys and Mosto, they were the reason KK and I visited Volcan on our last trip!
    P.S. Thanks for the review on Polineth also. We’ll check it out the next time around.

  5. Boquete lost out when Don and Dalys moved to Volcan. Great food and great folks.
    PS Try their calzones sometime because they are simply wonderful!

  6. Hi KK’s wife. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and leaving the pronunciation.

    Hi J. I will try it next time I am in Dalys and compare it with Pino’s Calzone in David.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

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