And Then There Was None

If that doesn’t beat all. One month ago I wrote about one of the love birds flying the coop. We had been going to the Melo behind El Rey looking for another love bird to replace the one that had escaped, but that Melo never had any.

Yesterday, we went to the Melo close to Oteima and they said that they might have some come in next week. I was relieved. I thought it was turning into a great day.

We had several things to do in the morning and didn’t return until around 2:00 PM. When I opened the door to the back balcony, what did I see but the second lovebird sitting on the outside of the cage eating from the feeder.

I could not believe my eyes. I had put in new feed in the morning and double checked the food cover. It was secure and required a lot of force to open it. There had been no further incidents and I was convinced that there was not more danger of a bird escaping again.

I went to get a towel with the hope I could capture him before he flew off. As I returned, he decided it was time to leave and flew off.

It was exactly one month plus one day since the first bird escaped. I will never know how they learned to remove the food cover, but they are obviously smarter than I am.

I really didn’t feel like posting this, but maybe it will be a lesson for others to be careful in their choice of cages.

4 thoughts on “And Then There Was None

  1. Dear Don,
    We’re sorry to hear your second bird has escaped, hopefully, she’ll come home for food later. Maybe she’s looking for her mate, that escaped a month ago, and she’ll bring him home, too. They are beautiful birds. We have 9 dogs and 2 cats and they keep us quite busy. If we could find good petcare for them so we could visit David and Chiriqui, we’d be on our way. We enjoy your blog, so we’ll keep abreast of happenings there until we can visit.

    Take care,
    Clyde and Linda

  2. Lovebirds are very smart and I had one named Sunny who was a real character and a charmer. When I was home and not cooking, his cage door was always open and he would come and go as he pleased but I always made sure he was in the cage when I wasn’t home.

    I came home from work to find Sunny soaking wet in his cage, happily preening his feathers. This occured several times and I thought I was going crazy – his water dish was way to small to get him that wet. One day I came home in time to see him struggling to get out of the 20 gallon aquarium of fish in the same room. I rushed over and pulled him out thinking the poor little dear almost drowned. Not so – several times after this I walked into the room to see him pulling himself out of the aquarium or sitting on the edge of the aquarium sopping wet and couldn’t understand how he did it. I finally saw the great escape and how he let himself back into the cage. I decided to wire all his doors shut and use feed and water cups that I hooked onto the inside of the cage without using the handy little doors specifically made for his seed and water. Even though he had mastered getting out of the aquarium I didn’t want to come home one day to him floating upside down because of no lifeguard on duty.

    He also had no fear of our cat and he walked around in the house as if he owned it. He also loved to rip up newspaper and and would stuff it into his feathers and take it back to his cage to build a nest.

    Sonny was a hand-fed baby and loved people. What a lot of personality in such a tiny bird.

    I hope your lovebirds come back home to you.

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