21 thoughts on “May I Be Your Friend?

  1. this is one i have never seen … and i agree there are some ugly, weird looking insects in Chiriqui.

  2. Don,

    My wife who is a Panamanian native, tells me that this insect is one to avoid dealing with or being friendly with. She said when they are agitated they can bite you with their mouth mandibles and the two long prong thingies apparently extending from their torso they will attempt to impale you with. This is how she described it. Perhaps a pest control person has more details. How did you remove or get rid of this “friend’ ?


  3. Hi Allan. I left him alone. I just looked and he is still there. May tomorrow I will run him off. Maybe he really doesn’t want to be friends after all. 🙂

  4. Hi Don,
    thank you for remembering us and asking, how we are!
    We are feeling very well and our trip to China was brilliant.
    Now a summer is coming to us also and bird cherries started to flower.
    We will get next autumn our 6th grandchild – hoping everything goes well.
    I have publish some China “tourist photos” more making my confused head organized after the journey 🙂
    Welcome to visit sometimes again!
    I send my greetings to you, Lilliam and lovely Sofia!

  5. It had to be between 2 1/2 and 3 inches. It looks bigger in the photo than it actually was. None the less, it was a good sized bug. It was gone this morning. It may be headed your way Henry. 🙂

  6. This morning at Dalys’ Saturday gathering for breakfast in Volcan there was the same type of bug on the door. We met Mike and Dee Owen from David there. We thought maybe you would show up. There was a large crowd this morning. Hope to meet you some day in Volcan.

  7. Hi Susan. To be perfectly honest, I forgot about the Saturday breakfast. I will make it up there one of these days. I will put a reminder on my PC.

  8. I had one of these at my house in Sortova and just photographed him and left him alone as you did. Maybe I should have called in the army and had him removed now that I find he is not friendly. He was gone the next day but I am not sure I would tackle another with my shoe incase I miss.

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