English Language Church in David

One question, I receive a lot is whether I know of any churches in David that have an English Service. This morning I was helping Dario with one of his English classes and I met a minister of a Baptist church in David.

He said they had multiple services and some are in English. The phone number, email addresses and website are listed on the card, if you have an interest in knowing more.

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  1. Pastor Willis and his family are great people. They have many worthwhile missions in Panama including a home for unwed teenage girls. Pastor Willis preaches a bilingual service at 11:00 Sunday mornings. The church is about 4-5 minutes from Super Baru.

  2. MR . DON RAY
    I have meant to thank you before now for the posting of this church and its website.Idid not know of such a work going on there.
    It’s been a blessing in more ways than you could know.
    I hope you may visit some time.
    Again thank you
    N.C USA.
    As cold waters to a thirsty soul,
    so is good news from a far country.
    Proverbs 25:25.

  3. Hi! I would like to work as a self supporting missionary in the area and would love to attend these English services. Does anyone know if there is work to be found in the area? My current line of work is residential design. I draw house plans or addition plans for permit construction in the U.S. I’d love to do something similar there.
    Thanks, and God Bless!

  4. To work in a trade will require a permit from the Panama government. I suggest you check the Panama government website for requirements.

  5. Hey Don, thanks much for the advice. I will see what I can find out. Is there a specific Web address I should go to?

  6. My wife is a licence registered nurse in the U.S., would anyone know if Panama accepts U.S. licensure so that she could work there?

  7. would anyone help me to find an English speaking church in David Panama because I will be there for two weeks in March of this year for a couple of weeks and would like to see the programs for out reach because I am thinking of moving there so please anyone can contact me through my e mail address

  8. thank you so much for the help in finding a church I am looking forward to my visit in less then 48 days

  9. I will arrive in David March 9th and hope to be able to be at Sunday service, I hope to be able to tell a cab service where the service will be and be there, I will be staying at a local hotel so if anyone is going to the English speaking church service feel free to contact me at my e mail address and I will pay for the gas for someone to drive me to the Willis church for sevices

  10. David M.Bare from Nigeria.Am a Christ Servant since 1985 till date with a gift of God to preach the good-news based on Romans 10:15.l got revelation to step out of Africa and l want to join you as assistant Pastor to build the faith of God children in panama.My coming is purely God’S business.I’m waiting for your divine reply.

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