SKY TV Office Now Open in David

Note: This office has moved and I do not know where it is. If you know the new location, post a comment


Saturday, I was driving down the street in front of Super Baru toward downtown, and on the left of the street I noticed that SKY TV has opened a new office. Sky TV replaced DirecTV in Panama.

They had nice young ladies passing out notices for the business. I never pass up an opportunity to get a photo of pretty women. 🙂

Here is the flyer they were handing out.

If you stop in their office, tell them that you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

26 thoughts on “SKY TV Office Now Open in David

  1. Perhaps you should find out and post the set up cost, rates and price of packages so that we can compare Sky to Cable Onda and/or Astrovision. Also, with the afternoon storms, how often does satellite T.V. go off?

  2. Hi Mike. I added the flyer they were passing out. You can call the number on the flyer to find out the installation fees I would imagine.

  3. Hi everybody. we want to invite all the community , visit our new place Skynetwork , located in Calle Obaldia David , so you can know about our prices in Sky Tv , also we an offer Satellite Internet Solutions.

    Our phones in David are ready for attend all your calls 777-9130 .777-9130.

    Our excellent personnel in David will be able to attend to them at any time and to give you great more information about our services .
    We expect to be able to give you satellite service to all these places where nobody can , and by this way we want to do if much more pleasant life.

    Ronald Herrera
    General Manager
    777-9130. 777-9129

  4. Well we only accept the first payment when you make a new contract
    Is easy pay Sky , you can go to Cable & Wireless , direct to Banco General , Hsbc , Citybank and use the slips from Sky , in severals Supermarkes exist little offices E-pagos.
    If you need more help you can call direct to our office in Santiago (998-5848) or DAvid (777-9129) and we can help you.

    Ronald Herrera

  5. Mr. Ray … I am the person who your installator took $70 cash from me. My home is in Boquete, Alto Lino and I have been waiting for 6 days for your representatives to contact me for the appointment to come to my home. You already have my contact information. So far I’m not real happy with Sky customer relations. What can you do to change my opinion? Sincerely Terry Stabler.

  6. I discontinued service jan 16th and have been to your office 4 times so you could pick up the dish and controls. I can not find my contract, I was at the office within the past 2 or 3 weeks. Is there any way that we can get the supplies to you? my cel number is
    6404 3159.



  7. Any idea where the NEW SKY TV office is? Heard they moved from the location mentioned 2 years ago. Dino said it was near the Katan Clinic, in Edeficio Dona Nereida, but I’ve been unsuccessfully searching the net for either of those.

  8. I haven’t looked for it. The Cattan Clinic on the corner diagonal to Club David and across the street from the original Hospital Obaldia.

  9. As newbies, we are interested in (English) TV. Understand Sky has taken over for DirecTV. What is the latest on SKY service and the best way to get internet?

  10. The last I knew, Sky had taken over DirecTv in Panama. Related to Internet, it all depends on where you are. cable Onda is the best in my opinion in David.

  11. Hi Don would be nice if they answered those numbers and or staffed the office for the posted hours. Gotta love Panama. I’ll keep trying.

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