Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I was in Parque Cervantes this morning and took the photo above. In various locations around Parque Cervantes there are recycle receptacles. Way to go – David! You can toss in your paper products, organic products or plastic and drink cans.

While I was taking the photo, I could hear music to my right and saw a crowd gathered. I got a short piece of a song so you can get an idea. This group is similar to the one I saw last December.

There is always something going on in the park. It is a nice place to walk around or even to just sit and watch the people.

11 thoughts on “Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. Hopefully they will empty them frequently. This is certainly a step in the right direction.

  2. Don Ray: Everyone is talking about the recycling but I want to give you an Internut HUG for your efforts and keeping my life in perspective and enjoyment. Hope you can feel it.

  3. Don Ray: Internut HUG was not a mistype….I know what you have to deal with re: everything.

  4. Today I had to replace one of my fluorescent light bulbs. I understand they contain mercury. I did not want to just throw it in the trash. I packed it into a plastic ice cream container and taped it. Even if it breaks at least the mercury will be in the container.

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