Artist Supplies in David

Today we went to Daisy’s, which is just a few doors down from The Cable Onda office. We were looking for artist supplies and had heard that Daisy’s had the largest selection and best prices in David.

Well, I can’t say they are the cheapest in David, because I probably haven’t found all of the places that sell art supplies, but I will say that the amount of supplies and the prices are better than the three other places I know about.

Here is a photo of a small amount of the supplies there. On another aisle there are canveses and in another counter more paints and brushes. If you have been looking for art supplies, you might give Daisy’s a try.

9 thoughts on “Artist Supplies in David

  1. Looks like what they have at Revilla and La Regional. Things for escolares. But it is nice to know there is something else out there. Unfortunately for what I use in my works I have to either go to Panama City and/or order oversease. L

  2. Hi Linda. I have never seen any at Revilla – must be one particular Revilla. They have much more than at La Regional. Cuadrifolio has a fair amount of things, but they seem to be higher priced than in Daisy.

  3. I have been to Regional and they have quite a bit of supplies. I would like to try Daisy’s. It looks like it’s near the central square is that correct? Could you give a little more specific directions. I do not know where Cable Onda is. thanks 🙂

  4. It is on the one-way street that runs in front of dollar 1-2-3, and theols Cable and Wireless building and goes toward the new hotel that is across the stree from Oteima.

  5. where can I get stitching supplys and foamboards in David, also Frames and Matting and DMC Stitching Jarn?

  6. Does the Daisy store carry tubes of watercolor paints? I teach of watercolor workshop in Bocas and would like to be able to tell my students where they can get supplies in David. I know of a couple good stores in Panama City but David is more convenient.

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