Today I wanted to buy some cordial glasses. Drinking a little Baileys out of a Mason jar kind of takes away from a social event, so I decided to splurge and get something more appropriate.

I went to MUNDIAL RAWSA. I have shopped there many times before, but I don’t remember ever sharing information about this store. When I first found it, I thought I had made a tremendous discovery.

The owner, Albis de Tedman, carries a little bit everything. She has all sorts of kitchen cooking items, some of which I have only found there. She has all sorts of glasses and serving items. The place really cannot be described well. It is not a very large store, but it is packed as full as it can be packed.

I also know that Albis will sometimes order special items, if she doesn’t carry them. I remember needing a oven thermometer, which she didn’t have, but she had catalogs with some that she could order.

Albis is a very nice lady and speaks English. The store is located in Doligita in David, across the street from Romeros and in the set of stores to the left of EconoHogar.

Here is a flyer, that is in Spanish, but describes a little about the store.

Someday when you have some extra time, stop in and have a quick look around. If you see Albis, tell her you read about MUNDIAL RAWSA on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Hi DR – so glad you mentioned Sra. Albis and her shop. I stumbled into this store a few years ago when looking for a ‘classic’ blue enamel roast pan… AND found it! Have been told that those looking for cake decorating ingredients and implements are best advised to go there. This store is chock full of interesting and sometimes necessary kitchen items – and as you mentioned, IF you can’t find it, Sra. Albis can order it for you. A great find for foodies.

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