EasyPeasy Upgrade from Xandros

I recently purchased an external DVD reader because I wanted to have more flexibility to do things with my ASUS eee.

I was able to give the ASUS a good workout on the recent Royal Caribbean cruise I went on. One of the things I didn’t care for all that much was the Xandros OS system that ships with the ASUS. I kept having trouble with some of the upgrades and it was running a very old version of Firefox.

The first thing I did with the new DVD drive was to install EasyPeasy, a UBUNTU based version of Linux for Netbooks.

It has a much simpler user interface than many versions of Linux and therefore is a good choice for Netbooks. I believe the standard installation has many more programs than I had with Xandros and certainly more current versions.

Even though the interface is simple, it still is a very powerful system. I am happy that it uses the standard UBUNTU tool for adding and deleting software. The only thing I have to remember is to not click the upgrade to 9,04 as this is 8.10 based and the 9.04 upgrade would not work on the netbook. I am running the latest Firefox browser and OpenOffice 3.0

I know I could have upgraded to EasyPeasy 1.1 via a USB drive, but using a standard DVD was so much easier. I really like this system. I almost feel like I have a new Netbook.

The only thing that didn’t work immediately was the built-in camera. For some reason, the BIOS had turned off the Camera. After enabling it, everything works.

7 thoughts on “EasyPeasy Upgrade from Xandros

  1. That looks like a rebranding of Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Don Ray. I have the 9.04 version loaded on a cheap desktop (Intel Atom) and plan to put it on my Acer Aspire One next week. I had some serious issues with Ubuntu 8.1, all of which seem to have been fixed in 9.04.


  2. Don,
    If you want something a little (or IMHO lots) better, try eeebuntu 2.0 standard. It is more polished than easy and next week they will have out 3.0 which is based on 9.04. I have a couple of the eee’s and have tried most of what is out there, eeebuntu works better than most.

  3. Hi Henry, It is a rebranding of UBUNTU Remix. I didn’t use the 9.04 UBUNTU Remix because I red that it had a lot of problems with the ASUS eee 701, which is the small Netbook I have.

    Hi Jim, I will do a search for eeebuntu 2.0. Are you using it on a ASUS eee 701? If I can find it, I will download it and test it too.

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