A Great Day With Fine Friends

Yesterday, we were invited to go to Boquete and spend some time with our good friends from Venezuela. They took us to a new restaurant, new for me at least, named Pompodoro which is close to Valle Escondido.

I had seen the restaurant before, but had never tried it. What a surprise. I always enjoy spending time with this couple, but this excellent restaurant made the time even more enjoyable.

We ate in a large outdoor area in the back of the restaurant. This area is huge and can accommodate large meetings, two of which occurred while we were there.

Of course I was starved, so that may have affected my taste buds some. I enjoyed everything we had from the bread to the wine to the main course. I was stuffed after the main course so I didn’t even look at the dessert menu.

My lovely companion had a cannelloni dish, but I don’t remember which one. She said it was very good.

I ordered a mozzarella stuffed beef parmigiana dish with a spaghetti side and it was nothing less than outstanding. I hated to see the list bite leave the plate.

My plate was around $14 and the cannelloni dish was around $10. I thought the quality of the service and the food was very high. I understand that Pompodoro can also be found in Panama City.

While the food was good, it was the enjoyable afternoon that we spent with friends that made the day so special. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

6 thoughts on “A Great Day With Fine Friends

  1. Do you have to make a reservation in advance? I will be visting my relatives in July, so I will take them to eat there.

  2. We didn’t yesterday. I don’t think reservations are required. They have two areas inside and the huge outdoor area, so I would be surprised if reservations are needed.

  3. The Pomodoro is one of our favorites as well. Reservations are never needed and the service has always been excellent.

  4. i believe it is a chef willie rest. he has 2 the capital, one on the causeway and one in el cangrejo the sign looks the same. the prices look to be boquete prices, its hard to find a main dish over $9 in the city. love the food.

  5. Hi Bob. Yes, I think the prices looked like Boquete prices to me as well, but the food was very good. I did use my pensionado discount and that made it more acceptable.

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