More Change

Yesterday we went to an afternoon lunch to watch the election returns come in. In case you don’t keep up with Panama Politics, Ricardo Martinelli, a supermarket magnate and candidate of the opposition Democratic Change Party (DC), won Panama’s presidential election.

From all of the polls that had been coming out, there was no real surprise in his winning. He campaigned on a platform of change. Sound familiar? I personally hope this is a positive change for Panama. He is a wealthy man and doesn’t need to line his pockets so he has the opportunity move the country forward.

I congratulate him on this win.

Following the meal and election results, we took a drive in front of Super99. This is the business that President Elect Martinelli owns. As expected, I found people dancing in the streets, waving their campaign flags and savoring their candidate’s winning. It was enough of a task to navigate my car though the crowd so I didn’t take any photos. All in all it was a very orderly celebration. Cars had their flashers flashing and horns honking.

Now, there is nothing to do, but sit back and hope for positive change.

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