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Chiriquí FSBO Website

I received the following email with a request to post.

From……: Diana Boase

Hi Don

I am requesting a link to Choose Chiriqui , a website which is not a real estate website but a For Sale By Owner website formed by and for friends who are sick of real estate agents and want to sell their homes privately.

I do understand you not wishing to enter into the normal real estate advertising but noticed that you do have links for fsbo and rentals. We at choose chiriqui have properties for sale and rent also and we are about Chiriqui so would willingly add a link to chiriquichatter.
Looking forward to your response
Have a great weekend

I requested more information and received the following. Continue reading Chiriquí FSBO Website

Restaurante Polineth – Volcan

Luckily, I stretched the morning out long enough that I was able to eat lunch in Volcan. I chose a Thai restaurant that I had heard was good. When you take the turn to the right in Volcan going to Bambito, it will be in your left.

When the doors that you see in the photo are open, you know the restaurant is open. Paul, who runs the restaurant, said it is open 7 days a week.

You can see from the following photo, that the restaurant has a nice garden room atmosphere. Continue reading Restaurante Polineth – Volcan

Saturday Breakfast at Dalys Restaurant in Volcan

Today, I did make it up to Volcan for breakfast. We ate at Dalys and it was as good as I had been promised it would be. I was able to meet many people that comment on CC and several more people that just happened to be there. Thanks to Susan for encouraging me to go to Volcan for breakfast. I was lucky enough to meet her there.

The menu is on the wall and I didn’t take a photo, but there is a little bit of everything. I had a great cheese omelet with whole wheat hojaldres. If I had wanted I could have ordered chili cheese fries. Like I said, there is a little bit of everything and I hear it is all good. I should mention that the prices are very reasonable.

I brought several breakfast rolls home to have in the future.

Here is a photo of Dalys on the left and Don on the right. If you get to Volcan and are lucky enough to eat at Dalys Restaurant, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Following breakfast we drove to Caisan, which allowed me to see some beautiful country. If my day had ended then it would have been a great day, but more good things were yet to come. We spent enough time looking around so it was lunch time before we returned. Stay tuned for that post, because you will want to know about it.

And Then There Was None

If that doesn’t beat all. One month ago I wrote about one of the love birds flying the coop. We had been going to the Melo behind El Rey looking for another love bird to replace the one that had escaped, but that Melo never had any.

Yesterday, we went to the Melo close to Oteima and they said that they might have some come in next week. I was relieved. I thought it was turning into a great day.

We had several things to do in the morning and didn’t return until around 2:00 PM. When I opened the door to the back balcony, what did I see but the second lovebird sitting on the outside of the cage eating from the feeder.

I could not believe my eyes. I had put in new feed in the morning and double checked the food cover. It was secure and required a lot of force to open it. There had been no further incidents and I was convinced that there was not more danger of a bird escaping again.

I went to get a towel with the hope I could capture him before he flew off. As I returned, he decided it was time to leave and flew off.

It was exactly one month plus one day since the first bird escaped. I will never know how they learned to remove the food cover, but they are obviously smarter than I am.

I really didn’t feel like posting this, but maybe it will be a lesson for others to be careful in their choice of cages.

Natural Sound Jr. in Concert

I received the following email, related to an up coming youth concert in David.

De: Melissa
Enviado el: sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009 02:51 p.m.
Asunto: kids concert

Hola Don, cómo estás?

Today I was checking on Chiriquí Chatter,(I always check), and I thought it was a good idea to mention this Concert.

This is a group of lovely kids who play beautiful MUSIC.

Dani, my son, has been taking guitar lessons with Professor Cáceres. He is the director of Natural Sound Jr. We have been in other concerts before, and I am really surprised of the skill of these children.

I really recommend this activity if you can go (I HAVE A TICKET FOR YOU), or post something in your web page about this, so other people can go.

Attached is an image of the ticket.


Melissa L. Guerra U.
Tel. 775-1794/775-2313

Thanks, Melissa. It sounds like a worthwhile event. Hopefully, I can make it. I will let you know.