Monthly Archives: April 2009

Making Pupusas

It has been a while since I have been able to go to Rosita’s Hideaway and eat pupusas. Last Saturday we checked off that to-do item.

I have been meaning to take photos of the process that ends up on the plate in front of me at Rosita’s. I checked off that to-do item also.

I asked Rosita if she would mind my taking photos and she graciously granted permission for me to show you how it is done.

This is Rosita taking some dough and making it a ball.

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David Chiropractor

I received the following email and since many have asked me about Chiropractors in David, I am posting it. This is for information purposes only. I have no personal knowledge about the practice.

From……: Matt Holstein

Hello, I have opened a chiropractic office in David, and would like to let the community know.  I chose david because it is where my wife was raised and she has family here, plus it is a great place to live.
my family would like to meet any families with kids so our 2 kids (4 year old -alana and 1yr old – adam) have english speaking friends to play with.