Monthly Archives: April 2009

Water Is Back

I have water this morning. I hope it stays that way. I do notice that all of the water that is coming out is very dirty. That is the way it normally is following a time of outage. Hopefully, I won’t have any more posts on water problems for a while. I have had water problems on the average of about 3 or 4 times a year. I feel lucky with that rate, because many areas in Chiriquí have worse problems.

A Pair of Au Pairs

Yesterday, Dario invited me to attend an evening English class that he was having with a couple of young ladies that are hoping to be Au Pairs in the US.

This was a fun class. Both of these ladies are real charmers and I truly hope that they are able to find families in the US that wants to employ them.

Our session was an opportunity for them to practice listening and responding to another accent. They has questions about typical families in the US, what a normal work week for the parents might be, as well as other questions.

If selected, they would receive a one year contract with an optional extension of a year. Both of these ladies had studied at UNACHI with degrees in Business. I could tell by talking to them, that they were sincere in their desire to obtain this opportunity. It would give them valuable experience with other cultures, and enable them to use and improve their English.

Let me introduce you to Itzalis on the left and Jazmin on the right. Cross your fingers that they obtain the employment they want. I know they would do a good job and they both had “can do” attitudes.