Kotowa Coffee Shop

The other day, I stopped in a new Kotowa Coffee Shop in a relatively new business area (Plaza Real).

I tried a piece of pumpkin pie and a Moca Frappé. The pie was good. Maybe it would have been a tad better with a touch of whipped cream on the top.

The Moca Frappe was great. This is probably the best I have had in David.

I always have liked Kotowa coffee and it is nice to not have to go to the Airport to have some.

6 thoughts on “Kotowa Coffee Shop

  1. We have always liked Kotowa coffee. In fact we have imported some of it to the US and sell a bit of it there. Always drink it here in Panama as well. They also offer a great tour of their farm in Boquete.

  2. Even after six years here, I am still directionally challenged here in Panama. No street names, no numbers, what’s an aging person to do who gets lost as soon as she leaves her driveway?? Please, please tell me where Plaza Real is!! At the moment I only get my Kotowa Cappuccino fix when I drive into Boquete to pick up mail.
    Thanks Don Ray for all the useful information you provide.

  3. Hi Marion. I understand your problem. You will have to at least know where Oteima or Ciudad de David are. They are on opposite sides of the same one-way street. If you are on that street, then go to the next block and it is on the left side of the street.

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