6 thoughts on “You Can Always Count On Mom!

  1. Great film. You most likely did this yourself. May Day. Interesting time of year here in the DC area. A couple of 95+ days and now it will not reach 70 today. You remember. How are you doing? I have played little golf, had little exercise, ate too much and think I am frustrated with what I see going on in the saving of the economy. I talked to an individual yesterday who came to EDS in the GM purchase, was spun of when GM sold, went to work of HP and now once again is an EDS employee. Some guys have been happy with the HP purchase and others have not. Hope all is going well for you. You come up on my feeble mind once in awhile. Stay well, I know you are warm. Dick

  2. Hi Dick. Good to hear from you. I hope to get up your way one of the days. If I do, I will let you buy me a cup of coffee. 🙂

    I am happy I am not going through the HP/EDS merger. I just hope they don’t screw up the retirement fund.

  3. Don, where did that footage come from? Incredible, unless fabricated………

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