Pizza House

Yesterday, I planned on trying out the Pizza House. As you can see from the photo, it is diagonal to La Garantia on the one-way street running in front of Tambu Country.

Dario had recommended this restaurant to me.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the hours are 4:00 PM until 11:00 PM.

During the day a little comida curriente restaurant to the right, and I think associated with Pizza House, is open. Apparently at night, according to the waiter, they serve all kinds of meats cooked over charcoal and between that and the Pizza House side you can have whatever you want to eat.

Here is a photo of the Pizza House. I was impressed with the way the place looked. It did have a small area for kiddos to play. Sort of a Panamanian version of Pizza Hut.

I will have to schedule some evening meal at the Pizza House. If you have already eaten there, how did you like it?

6 thoughts on “Pizza House

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  2. The charges are not applied at the point of charge but you may see them on your statement as a separate line item. At least that’s the way mine show up.

  3. Don Ray, We are still residing here in California but look forward to our move south; until then you are our source of information on the happenings in the barrio. We will look forward to your impression of the Pizza House. We heard of an Italian cafe named Pino and Renzo; evidently it is hard to find but has very good pizza. Can you fill us in on the details?

    Thanks, Jack & Jackie

    P.S. Congratulations on the Warden appointment. I guess we’re all wondering what you have gotten into.

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