And Then There Was One

Yesterday was not a very good day. Koki, one of the love birds, decided to literally fly the coop. I had noticed the other day that the cover to the feeder had been knocked off and replaced it, I looked at the feeder to see if I thought a bird could crawl through the small opening and had decided it couldn’t. I was wrong.

Apparently, Koki figured out how to remove the cover and squeezed himself through the hole. Kuka spent the day calling to her friend, but he did not return. I am sad. I guess I will have to look for a more secure cage. The design of the feeder cover is not satisfactory for a smart bird.

5 thoughts on “And Then There Was One

  1. He might come back. On the other hand, he may enjoy his freedom too much. Not long ago, I saw a sign posted that said, “Lost Parrot.” If the parrot had written it, the sign might have said, “Escaped Parrot, free at last.”

    If he doesn’t return, you’ll need to get another one, but that might not be easy, because you won’t want to separate a pair.

    The good thing, Don Ray, is that Koki left on his own free will and didn’t come to a bad end.

  2. Hi Tom. The main concern will be that birds that have always lived in captivity have a hard time learning to find food. I think I have solved securing the the food cover. Time will tell.

  3. I wouldn’t discount the possibility that the other bird may come back if he continues to hear his friend and sprinkling some food where it can get to it may be an incentive (and life saving).

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