What is Unusual?

I took this photo in front of the Payless shoe store next to PriceSmart. What do you notice that is unusual in this photo?

Give up? The Discover Card may be used at this store. Discover was the only card I ever used in the US because it gave a 2% rebate on all purchases. This is the first store, outside of the US, that I have seen that allows the Discover card.

15 thoughts on “What is Unusual?

  1. I always used Discover in the US and was very happy with their service, etc., but I had to discontinue since, at that time, in ’05, they would not honor the card here. Times change.

  2. Hi Charlotte.

    I did ask the sales girl if they used the Discover card and she said they did. The real test will come upon using it.

  3. Suggest before you use it that you check out the percentage they charge you for international purchases. Recently, when I used my Mastercard to make some big purchases (a refrigerator and a plasmer TV) on my monthly statement I was charged 3% of the purchase (over $53. dollars). So, no more using credit cards based in the U.S.

    ps: up until recently I had never been charged anything for purchases made here and I used my Mastercard all the time. Seems these credit card companies are trying to get back all they lost in bad loans, the Obama giveaways are not enought!!!!

  4. It is true, most credit cards charge a fee for transaction outside the US. SO BEWARE, I found the hard way !!!! But they called a conversion fee which does not make sense in PMA since the currency is the same as in the US

  5. Hi Patrick and Mila. Good advice. My Visa and Master Cards have never added a fee for charges in Panama, but I haven’t charged anything in over a year either.

  6. All of the major cards (except Capitol One) are now charging the fees. They have now gone from calling it a currency conversion fee to an international transaction fee. That way, those of us in Panama who transact everything in U.S. currency can still be charged a fee.

  7. In addition to Capital One (already mentioned) the Chase Visa has no “international” or “conversion” fees when used in Panama. AmEx (not as widely accepted in Panama) does not charge these fees. Will try my Discover – now that I know to keep an eye out for their logo.

  8. My Visa and Mastercard, AND my Discover card sent out notices a few months ago that they would EACH be charging 3-5% for international charges. It’s another gouge and I called them and told them what I thought of the fee and that I would not be using their cards here. I do still use those cards for (rare) US charges (Amazon, etc). Now I have a SECURED Visa card from Global Bank ($1,000 limit with the same amount of my savings account money reserved) and pay 9% plus about $3.00 monthly “insurance” (another gouge, IMO), no other fees (yet). I am continuously looking for a better deal and will change if I find it.

  9. Hi Greg and Fran. I guess I would have noticed a new charge if I used my card here. Thanks for adding your information. They are going to get us one way or another.

  10. Hay Don I’m 30 days out from making the move to Panama and wondering how to maintain contact with the rest of the world. I hear that there may be a drop box/ mail forwarding service in David. What do you do to receive mail from the states besides Panama’s national postal system. Greg

  11. Hi Don:

    If I read correctly you became the David Warden. I am happy to hear that. I feel you are the perfect person for the job!

    My husband and I will be leaving to Panama on May 9 (next week) and are going to visit Panama City, El Valle, Penonomé, David and Boquete.

    Any suggestions, advice, recommendations?



  12. Hi Betty. I assume, based on your trip destinations, that you will be driving. You should not have any problems after you leave PC. I always have someone escort me out if I have to drive from PC to David. After I am at the bridge, it is pretty easy. I would not recommend driving during the night time. While the road is pretty good, there are still some good sized pot holes. One ruined a tire on my last trip. I saw it, but didn’t have time to avoid it.

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