Attempted Land Grab in Bocas – Important information

I received an email with information on a situation that anyone moving to Panama could find happening to them. If you are moving to Panama, then consider reading the following link and consider signing the petition. Click HERE to view the petition.

UPDATED April 30, 2009 Here is an article in the Panama Star.

1 thought on “Attempted Land Grab in Bocas – Important information

  1. When we were considering buying land in the Bahamas back in 1992. Fortunately we hired a professional attorney in Nassau. It turned out that there was a small gap where proof of ownership was not evident way back in 1800 and something. Therefore we were advised that the family of the possible owner back then could come and reclaim the property after we had built on it and improved it.
    This did happen to an American and he was literally run out of the country at gunpoint leaving everything behind except for one suitcase.
    Although this is not exactly the same situation as may happen here, it is a definite case of “BUYER BEWARE”. Get a professional attorney.

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