Starbucks Coffee and Donuts in David?

What was going to be a bar-b-que restaurant (Nitro), I thought, is now saying it is going to sell Starbucks coffee and donuts. It is calling itself Benny’s Restaurant and Lounge.

I was eating lunch yesterday at La Tipica, a favorite of mine for fast cheap food, and decided to go look for what I had first thought was being changed into a Duncan Donuts. I am sure I saw a Duncan Donut sign there before I went on vacation.

This location is certainly going through an identity crisis since I took the photos in January. I see the current proprietors are still using the Duncan Donuts colors to advertise donuts.

They are using the Starbucks insignia. This sign would implies that it is a Starbucks restaurant serving Starbucks coffee and Starbucks donuts.

Does Starbucks sell donuts? I also notice that the Super Replica car has been removed. Inquiring minds want to know what is going to wind up here and if this has anything to do with Starbucks.

5 thoughts on “Starbucks Coffee and Donuts in David?

  1. I hope this business is using this brand correctly. It is common to use outstanding brands to target international customers, just be careful. The funny thing is that Starbucks sells imported coffee from Latin American countries, and I don’t think Panama needs Starbucks logo to prove that we sell good coffee. I hope it’s Starbucks coffee with Panamanian price. Keep us posted please.

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