Now You See It – Now You Don’t

Water came on long enough last night to bath, but it is off again this morning. Bummer.

8:00 PM Update.
Water has returned. Shower time and fill up the pots and pan times. We will see what tomorrow brings.

4 thoughts on “Now You See It – Now You Don’t

  1. The really important question I have is what do you do about a bathroom when there is no water? That could get pretty unsanitary real fast!

  2. Hi Wayne. Being without water is something that most people plan for. Normally if it is a planned outage, there will be notification on the news ahead of time. Then you save water for the emergency.

    We have always been able to have some put away for these times. You save drinking water, water for brushing teeth and water to flush the commode.

    If you are in an area that can have outrages all the time you would probably invest in a reserve tank that will tide you over until the water returns.

    If you don’t plan ahead it can be a real bad problem.

  3. 4.30am The water is back up to pressure. I understand that IDAAN was in the process of cleaning out the pumps. Why it takes close to three days is beyond me. However, the day before it went off, I did hear a vehicle coming slowly down the Boquete road with a loud speaker. Couldn’t understand what they were saying but perhaps it was to warn of the impending outage.
    Now I can top up my pool and skim all the leaves off the surface from the returning winds yesterday.

  4. Hi Mike. Hope it stays up. I still have water this morning, so that is a good sign. With the elections going on, I am more inclined to think the vehicle you heard was political, but I could be wrong.

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