1 thought on “Love Thy Neighbor

  1. Don,
    An interesting study is to research the environmental damage done by wars, atomic atmospheric testing, the space program, missile launches and other exotic & ongoing atmospheric manipulation projects that defy all logic & reason. See ‘Weather 2025’ & ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP’ (not a ‘faith-based’ or ‘religious’ work by any stretch!)..
    In any case, as you might guess, my ‘take’ on environmental issues/destruction is about 180 degrees from what most people think. Surprised? Also, consider that the appetite of mass consumption has been sated in large part with Chinese made goods shipped around the world. What kind of ‘environmental’ police force do folks think is hard at work on the other side of the globe? Do people remember the news that virtually ALL industry in Beijing was halted prior to and during the Olympic Games? Turns out athletes need to breath..deeply.
    I get your point. I’ve had to tell my neighbor 2x within the last 2 months to put out her filthy, noxious trash/plastic/???!! fires here! The fumes had been so bad I could not sleep on those 2 nights. Horrific is a better way to describe that stench!
    In any case, we can all do our part. The main offenders, however, remain the mil/ind/corporate complex as research will bear out.

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