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I received the following email and since many have asked me about Chiropractors in David, I am posting it. This is for information purposes only. I have no personal knowledge about the practice.

From……: Matt Holstein
Email…..: drholstein@hotmail.com

Hello, I have opened a chiropractic office in David, and would like to let the community know.  I chose david because it is where my wife was raised and she has family here, plus it is a great place to live.
my family would like to meet any families with kids so our 2 kids (4 year old -alana and 1yr old – adam) have english speaking friends to play with.

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  1. Please don’t look at this as an ad – this is my experience. Since 9/l8 I have been suffering with lower back, neck & shoulder pain. I was at the point I was not even able to sweep our floors. I remembered the notice on Chiriqui Chatter and it was one of the best decisions I have made since coming to Panama to go to the Alternative Health Care Center and was treated by Mr. Matthew A. Holstein (drholstein@hotmail.com), David, Chiriqui, Cell 6700-1917,(any time) or 775-7119 during business hours. They are located across from the Hospital Chiriqui ER in David. As of this time, their business hrs. are Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9-l2 noon and from 3PM to 6PM. I was hesitant until I was finished with my adjustment, his knowledge, professionalism, cleanliness of the office and kind of a “family oriented” business. Their receptionist was also part of this establishment and English & Spanish is spoken. I had a Chiropractor in the States after an accident and they always took x-rays ($50) ( most of the time, blurred) and gave me details which were totally unimportant to me and the cost of the adjustment was above-board. At this time, new technology is in force with Dr. Holstein and they have a “heat sensor” machine that actually tells you where the inflammation is occuring and he bases his adjustment on these areas. After I received my print out of the exam, I was totally aware of the areas that actually hurt and showed up on the color print out. . Dr. Holstein & his wife Elis, on my first visit took the time to explain their procedures and I felt totally comfortable. As you are aware, many months or years of pain will not be diminished on a one time visit. I was there on Friday and will be going back again on Monday until all this pain is gone. As of this time, I am about 60% pain free. It takes time for the swelling to diminish and and may take a few adjustments, depending on individual circumstances and Dr’s knowledge to get this corrected. Many years ago I was at a tournament and competed with a girl that had to quit because she had migraines. She apologized and told me that for years, she had seen many Dr’s and specialists and still had the problem. I told her to go to a chiropractor (which she had never seen) and I saw her 3 months after that, came over and gave me a hug and said, that since her visit to the Chiripractor, has not had a migraine since. This, as you know, does not work for everyone, but as of this time, I will forgo going out to dinner and seeing Dr. Holstein again. … They also offer massage and have pamphlets on many other items that may be of interest. To me, their cost is minimal, consultations are free, exam $l0 and treatment $l0. By the way, Dr. Holstein’s wife is the Patient Relations Specialist, very knowledgeable, considerate, and, to me worth the trip.

  2. We added a new day to our work schedule.
    Our office is now open
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    From: 9- 12 noon and 3 – 6 PM
    We are located in David, across from the Hospital Chiriqui ER.
    Phone: 775-7119 Cell: 6700-1917

  3. hola,les agradeceria me informen si atienden ustedes las escoliosis, ya que hace muchos años tengo este problema y siento que el dolor o la contractura es mas fuerte, ya que no quiero cirugia, hasta pronto.gracias

  4. There is another lovely Dr. practising chiropratic rehabilitation, along with a Panamanian registered physiotherapist here in David. He is located in lovely new offices right across from the emergency entrance of Hospital Chiriqui. His first consulatation is free. His bedfside manner is inpecable, he will spend as much time as needed with you. This is know drugstore type of treatment facility, were numbers are an issue. Truly a wonderful practisioner, with a caring sensitive attitude.

  5. For Charlotte.
    I had low back pain for 15 years, at minimum from mild all the time to extremely severe. Went to a very good chiropractor for years . I was to orthopedic surgeons who only suggested surgery.
    Finally discovered a treatment called Prolotherapy. Usually done by a Sports Medicine doctor.
    Prolotherapy is a series of injections for athletes and people with torn or injured ligaments. Principal ingredient is dextrose, injected near the area of injury, which irritates the tissue and causes the bodies immune system to repair and strengthen the ligaments.
    After the first injections I had I was pain free. I had the injections done about once a years for a few years and now it has been 4 years since the last time I had them. I’ve had no pain all all since the first injections.
    Look it up on the internet.
    Well worth the $350 for injection both sides of 3 vertebrae.

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