Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 6 – Bonaire

We were docked in Kralendijk, Bonaire by 7:00 AM. The port of Bonaire has a smaller shopping and tourist area than our previous stops.

However, I understand it has some of the best diving and snorkeling place you will ever see. I saw some underwater photos and they were truly spectacular. Here is a photo I took along the docks shoreline. Just from this shot you can get an idea of what some of the diving areas must be like.

We spent most of our time looking through the various craft shops close to the dock. I should have mentioned it before, but I just forgot. One thing that amazed me in all of the ports was the sales people’s ability to communicate in so many languages. I spoke with one lady and asked her how many languages she spoke. She said she spoke 5, but it was not uncommon for people in the shops to speak 15 languages. You would see a potential customer ask something about whatever was their native language and the attendant would answer in the same language.

The quickness and ease with which they switched languages really amazed me, especially when I think how challenged I am to speak 1 ½ languages. Maybe I should say my 1 ¼ languages. I have a friend from England and I am sure he doesn’t think I have completely learned English yet. 🙂

With that observation out of the way, let me show you some photos of the shopping area we walked through.

This last photo shows the Enchantment of the Seas in the background.

We only spend a couple hours on Bonaire. Those that spent the most time took advantage of the beaches and diving.

On our way back to the ship, I missed a real photo opportunity. It happened before I recognized it. We were walking on the dock and I noticed one of the Royal Caribbean Entertainers pulling off his shirt and diving off the pier. Then I saw that he was retrieving a lady’s hat that the wind had caught and had blown into the water. If I remember, he had been introduced on a previous evening as being from Switzerland. He climbed back up and onto the pier to applause by all that saw the gallant gesture.

Heading back to our room, I had an opportunity to have my photo taken with the lady that was responsible for taking care of our suite for the entire voyage. She always had the room neat and clean and she was the one that always had the next day’s activities laid out on the bed along with the towel animals when we retired in the evening.

She said she was from St. Vincent.  She was one of the few people I found that only spoke English. She was a very sweet lady and always had a smile on her face and if she saw you approaching your room, she was there to open the door for you. Royal Caribbean’s staff were some of the friendliest and most courteous staff I have ever seen and she was one of the prime examples.

To the left, in the photo above, was one of the Internet hubs. My room was about three doors down and My wireless connection was perfect.

After dropping off our new found treasures in the room, we went to the pool deck to relax for a while before eating lunch. Zafiro was performing as they were much of the time at the pool.

People were sunning.

People were dancing.

People were swimming while others were dancing and sunning. I was taking photos. Of people dancing, sunning and swimming.

I think it was a previous evening in one of the entertainment areas, there was a merengue dance contest. The dance floor was full and the Royal Caribbean staff chose five couples after they had observed them dancing. One couple was France, one was from Costa Rica, another was from Peru and I don’t recall the other two couples. The winning couple was the couple from France.

I didn’t take any photos of the dance contest, but I was taking photos of people sunning, and swimming, I did take a short video of the French couple dancing again. Zafiro is playing the music they are dancing to.

Later that day as we were walking in the shops area, we ran into Rico who was the Cruise Director and emcee at all of the theater entertainment performances. He was accompanied by the attractive lady to my right. My rule is to never miss an opportunity to have my photo take with a beautiful lady.

Until now, I haven’t shown any of the wonderful food that we had on board this ship. This evening, I chose the prime rib. It was just shy of being an inch thick and cooked just the way I like it.

Here is a photo of a jumbo shrimp dinner.

I topped my meal off with a desert sampler. Yum!

This evening, following the dinner, we got to meet all of the chefs.

This evening, I asked our waiter if we could get a photo with her. Let me introduce you to Louisa. Louisa was from the Philippines. She was an amazing person and a real charmer. The first night we met her, she asked for our names. I do not remember her writing the names down. From that time forward, she always called me by name. We would see her sometimes for breakfast and even if she wasn’t serving our table she would walk over and call me by name. She handled several tables (each table having from 5 to 8 people) at once and never got an order mixed up. A better memory, I have never seen.

Following the evening meal, we went to this evening’s entertainment in the Orpheum Theater. This night was Tango Buenas Aires featuring dancers from Argentina. This was a fabulous evening. The music was outstanding and the dancing was incredible. If I could dance like that, I would give up blogging. Don’t worry. It won’t happen.

Following the tango entertainment, we went to relax in the central area of the ship. There was always something going on in this area. This evening RC presented their version of the Village People singing and dancing to all the old favorites. Here are a couple photos.

I may be wrong, but I think this is the fella that dove into the water to recover the hat that had blown off the lady’s head.

Tomorrow will be a full day at sea returning to Colon. Don’t go away. I still have more photos and stories to tell.

10 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 6 – Bonaire

  1. I will take another cruise because of this cruise.

    This cruise should be back at the end of the year. I think the last cruise for this year began on the 12th.

  2. Wow Don! Thanks to your prolific ability writing and taking pictures, we have enjoyed Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, tremendously. I am also considering taking the cruise next season. Great vacation!

  3. Hi Lilia. I think you and your mama would really enjoy it. I hope you did not miss the posts on Cartegena and Santa Marta in Colombia. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Was the prime rib as good as a chicken fried steak with cream gravy and mashed potatoes as well as corn on the cob? Sounds like you really had a good time. Cruises are great but the food can really get you in trouble its just too good. Jan

  5. This prime rib was pretty good, but don’t get me comparing it with a good chicken fried steak. They are two different meals and each good in their own right.

  6. Don Ray – you know the best way to find last minute deals for cruises leaving Colon? I remember someone telling me about a website and then some classifieds pages, but can’t recall the names. – Matt

  7. Hi Matt. No I don’t know of a website. As far as I know, it will all be academic until the end of the year. I think April 12 was the last trip for a while.

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