US Embassy Needs to fill A Warden Position in David.

I received a request to post the following notice.

From……: James Gaffrey

Good afternoon Don Ray

The US Embassy is looking for a person to fill the position of warden
in the David area. Spanish language skills are required.

The position of warden provides assistance to the American Citizen
Services of the Consul Generals Office.

Would appreciate if you could post this on your web site and leave my
email address as a point of contact.
Jim Gaffrey

5 thoughts on “US Embassy Needs to fill A Warden Position in David.

  1. Would appreciate the information on the warden position. Who should I contact? Is there a deadline to apply for the position? What are the requirements?

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much. I have already sent an e-mail and just received the package!

    Also, wondering if you know anything about Sabana Bonita de Chorcha. What would be the next biggest town near it?


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