Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 4 in Aruba

We arrived at Aruba around 11:00AM.

We spent the morning taking advantage of one of the Jacuzzis on the pool deck.

There was no need for a taxi in Aruba, unless you wanted to go to one of the beaches. With my fair skin I typically avoid the beach areas. We spent our time in the main area of Aruba all within walking distance from the ship. Aruba, like the other ports was immaculate.

You can tell by the colors of the building in this photo, Aruba is a party spot. The “All aboard” time was 9:30 PM and I am sure some of the more adventurous took advantage of the late departure to visit the hot spots.

We walked down this street and went in many of the shopping areas.

In one area, there was wifi and I took advantage of the free Internet that I found.

We were docked in Aruba at the same time as the Holland America Zuiderdam. I met several of the Zuiderdam travelers and we compared notes. Several of the people on the Zuiderdam said the only thing they were disappointed in was the food. I don’t know what they expected or how it compared with the RC’s Enchantment of the Sea, but I was very impressed with the food we had.

You can see from the photo that the Zuiderdam has more balcony rooms and is a larger ship all around than the Enchantment of the Seas.

This was a late night on the ship. Too much entertainment to see. Maybe this is a good time to reiterate, that you cannot do everything or see everything on a cruise. You have to pick and choose and you will still miss some things you would have liked to have seen.

We went to a show at 11PM that was recommended for adults only. It was called the Love & Marriage Game Show. They picked three couples from the audience. The first couple had been married 5 days. The second couple was was required to be an English speaking couple. The last couple had been married for over 40 years. As you can imagine, the objective was to see which couple knew the most about their spouses.

The questions were intended to create a provocative setting to have interesting answers. It started off with the women leaving the stage and the husbands were questioned. One of the question was if you were marooned on a desert island and could be marooned with anyone of your choice, who would you chose? I don’t remember the newlywed’s answer, but the English speaking gentleman said his son. When asked why his son, he said that is the only answer he could think of that wouldn’t get him in trouble. The last gentleman said his sister-in-law. The last gentleman’s wife guessed correctly.

There were about 4 questions asked of the men and about four asked of the women when they were the only ones on the stage. One of the women’s questions was “Where was the most unusual location you and your husband ever made “Tiki tiki”?” After much prodding the young bride said on the beach in Aruba which brought the house down with laughs.

The English speaking lady asked that the person in the audience cover her son’s ears and said in the back seat of a limousine, which also brought a thunderous applause.
The 40+ year married lady said only in their bed.

All men answered that question correctly. It was all in good fun and the 40+ year married couple won for having the most correct answers and received a bottle of Champagne. Following this show it was time for the midnight buffet.

The midnight buffet was named the Enchanted Forest Buffet. I didn’t take the photos soon enough and many of the ice sculptures were melting rapidly. Still, these photos will give you an idea of the layout.

One of the things that I enjoyed most was the Latin flair of the cruise. If you are going to live in Panama, you had better like Latin Music.

In the pool area during the day and till late at night a Panamanian group called Zafiro performed. I thought they were outstanding. They would play 50 minutes straight without a break. Sometimes you had to listen closely to hear the transition to a different song. The group had one member from Los Santos, the beautiful young lady was from Colon, another was from Chiriquí and they said they had an adopted member from Venezuela. This was a great group and they definitely made the time spent around the pool fun.

That covers day four. The next post (day five) will be in Curacao.

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  1. Dear Don,
    My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip blogs, your photography is outstanding, I think the Tourism Dept. of the places you visited would be very fortunate to have those photos in their collections. Glad you’re back home and hope both your indoor birds and outside birds are doing well. Have a nice evening, looking forward to tomorrow’s blog.


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