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While It Is On My Mind

Yesterday a gringo in David was discovered murdered in his house. He lived alone. This reminded me that many of us have moved to Panama from other parts of the world. Some of us live alone as this individual did, some live with new adopted families and blood family in our place of origin and some with family here and abroad.

No one ever wants to think about what needs to happen in case of one’s death or other emergency situations such as an accident causing coma, etc. However, it is much better to plan ahead, especially if this isn’t your native birthplace.

If your only family is outside of Panama, then you need to consider the Panamanian laws and what non-Panamanians are going to have to do in case of death or emergency.

Here are some things to think about.

  1. Do you have people who know who to contact in case of emergency? I recommend registering with your Embassy, but if you do not want to register with your Embassy, you should at least have others that can and will notify the proper people. Remember that that person needs to be able to speak the same language as those they need to contact.
  2. Know what is required related to property rights and ownership in Panama in the case of death.
  3. Preparing a body, following death, will not take place without guidance from next of kin and authorization.
  4. It is wise to have a good lawyer in Panama that can assist your family that live outside of Panama.

There are many more things that should go on the list, but maybe this will get you started thinking. If you know of a high priority item that I didn’t mention and should not be omitted, feel free to leave it in a comment.

Recently, I posted that there was an opening for the Warden position in David. I submitted my forms as did others. I was contacted by the Embassy that I would be a David representative. At the next Gringos of David meeting, I will be there to discuss what I have learned about the Warden’s duties.

In the meantime, If you need to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me via the contact tab above.

I just talked to the US Embassy and found out that there will be at least one other Warden in David. What a relief. I don’t have that person’s name at the moment.

And Then There Was One

Yesterday was not a very good day. Koki, one of the love birds, decided to literally fly the coop. I had noticed the other day that the cover to the feeder had been knocked off and replaced it, I looked at the feeder to see if I thought a bird could crawl through the small opening and had decided it couldn’t. I was wrong.

Apparently, Koki figured out how to remove the cover and squeezed himself through the hole. Kuka spent the day calling to her friend, but he did not return. I am sad. I guess I will have to look for a more secure cage. The design of the feeder cover is not satisfactory for a smart bird.