A Nice Rain

It is obvious that the seasons are getting ready to change. We are having a very nice rain right now. In the rainy season I only take morning flights to Panama or from Panama to David. The afternoons are the most likely to have rain and flying in the rain is not my thing.

5 thoughts on “A Nice Rain

  1. Howdy!,
    Hope the flight out to Panama is smooth tomorrow and you have a nice break from the routine on your vacation.

    Take care,
    Clyde and Linda

  2. Don: I’ll have lunch at Renegado next week so that David and Bertha and Ariadne don’t feel abandoned! Have a great time.

  3. In Enid, Oklahoma we had a blizzard. Had rain, sleet and snow in the last 24 hours. Welcome to the wonderful state of Oklahoma where each new day is really exciting.

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