Getting Ready To Take Some Time Off

Prepare yourselves for fewer posts on Chiriquí Chatter. I am planning on taking some time off to relax and smell the roses. You should plan on doing the same. I purchased new luggage. I have my tickets. I will depart on Saturday and will not return for about 10 days.

While I will have my laptop, I am not expecting on having much opportunity to use it. I will be out of the country. I am going to go to some places I have never visited before and to some places that I have visited before. I will try to check my email, at some time while I am gone, but I can’t promise anything.

My only real plan it to get up each morning and live that day to its fullest. I am taking plenty of sun screen, extra batteries for the camera and adventurous mind. I thought I would give you an early warning. I still have a few items to take care of before I depart and I didn’t want to get away without saying Hasta Luego.

27 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Take Some Time Off

  1. Hi: Get the hell out of Panama, see other places, enjoy and live life to the fullest. Our time is short. Stay safe.

  2. Do you have to rub it in?…Enjoy. I will go crazy without reading your post for some days, but I will survive. Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to the see the pictures.

  3. Have a wonderful time! 🙂 Enjoy yourself but let me tell you we will miss your updates on our beautiful province.

  4. Hi Don, I hope you enjoy your trip. We will miss your updates. But I am sure you will come back with lots of goodies for us 🙂

  5. Enjoy your trip to the fullest and hurry back to CC before some of us develop withdrawal syndrome…

  6. We head out on the 2nd. See you when we return on the about the 25th. Have a great and safe trip.

  7. Norrn. Gracias.
    Mike – I will do my best.
    AS – I will check in at least once before I return.
    Ron – See you when we get back.

  8. SAY IT ISN’T SO! Well as long as you and Omar don’t stop posting at the same time I can probably survive. Have a wonderful trip and travel safely. Via Con Dios.

  9. Don’t tell me you are going to miss the skiing in Panama next wednesday? Did you read my post on Gringos in David?
    Perhaps you would like me to take over from you while you are away?
    Nah! I’d only screw it up………………….
    Have a great time and we could give you a list of stuff to bring back from Walmart and Home Depot.

  10. Hi Don:

    Good for you! Have a great time; will be waiting in the wings to hear about your experiences and the nice photos which I know you will share with us. Bon Voyage!


  11. And here I was about to break the news that there’s now a Dunkin Donuts in David!!!!! Well, we see the signs. It’s next door to Project Torque, the new bar on F Sur, where the Nitro barbeque is served. We’ll go in tomorrow to see if it’s really open, and what’s happening, but it has all the right signs up.

  12. Interesting. Dunkin Donuts was originally scheduled to open in Plaza El Terronal. I think that would have been a better location. Maybe the original location was priced too high.

    Keep us posted.

  13. Helo Friends,

    Please, beware of this false Dunkin Donuts.
    They can put your healt in risk.
    The only authorized to use and sale the product is located in Panama City with 12 store.
    Please don’t get confused

  14. Hi David. I had originally heard that Dunkin Donuts was opening a location in Plaza El Terronal. Why is Panama City the they only authorized location?

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