Going Fishing

Every now and then I will see this fella heading down the street on the way to the river. I don’t recall ever seeing him return to know how his luck was. Today, I decided to get his photo, but by the time I got back he was way down the road. You can see him looking at the new house construction on his left.

6 thoughts on “Going Fishing

  1. In my younger days I enjoyed fishing as a pastime more than as a food source. (In Kansas we usually didn’t cultivate a great hankering for the taste of fish.)

  2. It looks like he is using long cane pole like I used to use on the farm to catch catfish. However, it may just be a long limb off of a tree.

  3. It is a fishing pole used to catch a fish called Sabados a nice eating fish about the size of a trout. The tall willowy branch acts as a a kind of drag. JIM

  4. Hi Jim. Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment. Now I know. I should take a photo of the way to the river. It is not an easy walk.

  5. The photo might be misleading but it sure looks like it would be easier to pull that long pole then to push it!

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