2009 David International Fair

Saturday I took a tour through the this years David International Fair. I got there around noon as I had heard that there was a Colombian horse competition. More on that later. I didn’t take as many photos as in past years, but if you don’t see enough, visit previous fair posts. The fair is pretty much the same every year.

Parking was $2.00. Entrance to the fair is 50 cents for jubilados. This photo is looking out the main entrance at the street filled with beverage vendors. At night these will all be full. You can see a roller coaster in the photo. I didn’t walk in the area that normally has the rides, so I don’t know if they were all moved or just some of them.

Saturday was a very hot day. Maybe that was the reason, I had a hard time really getting into going to the fair this year. I would like to go at night some time, but to do that, I would recommend going in a group. At night the fair will be filled with loud music, tons of people a few who want to remove your wallet from your pocket.

There would be a reasonable number of police, but not enough to prevent pickpockets. At any rate, I continue to go during the day time.

Since I got there at noon and I was hungry, I went directly to the same eating place I went to last year, Dairy Queen. I had to have my once a year chili dog. Here are the prices of DQ menu.

My hot dog was great. Could have been a tad hotter, but still good.

Another had an order of nachos.

I topped it off with a strawberry sundae. YUM!

This is the young lady that served me. If you see her, tell her you saw her on Chiriquí Chatter on the Internet.

The fairgrounds were as beautiful as ever. Here are some random photos.

There was plenty of places to eat. This one was serving roasted chicken. There were others with burgers, sausage sticks and other good stuff.

There were displays with heavy equipment.

This tractor was made in India.

All of the car dealers were represented. Here is the newest dealer in David, the Honda Dealer.

Here is the General Motors and Kia dealer.

This is a Lifan auto (China) from Distribuidora David. This is the first of these I have see. I have seen many Lifan motor scooters.

Here are Suzuki and Suburu.

Here is a Seat. Also notice the three wheeled scooter.

Many of the booths had lovely ladies to help you. This one was agreeable to have her photo taken.

Remember that I told you that today was going to be a international horse competition of of Colombian horses starting at noon. Having set my watch to Panamanian time I arrived at the arena at 1:30PM and was still early by1 ½ hours. Maybe Colombian watched need to be adjusted a little more.

Promptly at 3:))Pm things started getting underway. Following will be photos from the first competition. Here is contestant number 2.

Now there are a set of chaps.

Here is a photo of both competitors doing their stuff.

They had a wooden runway the horses had to cross. There was a microphone beneath it and you could hear the horse clopping across.

Here you see them taking their horsed around the posts.

The horsed did some high stepping.

Here is the winner receiving the blue ribbon. As good looking as the young ladies were that brought out the ribbon, I wished I had a horse in the competition. 🙂

The fours I had allow myself to see the fair expired following this show. As I was walking out, I heard that there were 28 more horses to come.

On my way out I made a couple more stops. I always like to see the furniture that is brought in. This came from Nicaragua.

If I had a patio, I would buy these,

I made a quick walk through a couple pavilions and saw James Johnston and ARCOIRIS. He got up and came over and talked to me. He said that many friends of his in the US had see his photos and he said thanks for posting it. He said they are performing nightly with a larger group around 8 PM. If you see them you will be well entertained.
That concluded this year’s visit to the David Fair. If you go at night, tell me how you liked it. There were many things I didn’t take photos of this year such as the agriculture area and the livestock.

Here is 2008’s post.

27 thoughts on “2009 David International Fair

  1. I am in Panama now and touring around looking for potential places to settle down. Spent a couple of days in Santiago which is definitely no longer on the list. Called every reasonably priced hotel in David and they were all sold out because of the fair. Will have to check David out another time. In Chitre right now which, in what little I have seen of it so far is a pretty happening place, especially compared to Santiago which is five time as big. Boguete really doesn’t hold a huge attraction for me being as I am an old sailor and it’s up in the mountains. Secondly people tell me that a lot of gringos have retired up there and I don’t see that as a GOOD thing. If I wanted to be around gringos all the time I’d simply stay in Fort Lauderdale.

  2. The Boquete area does have lots of Gringos. Interestingly, there are also lots of former cruisers — far more, I suspect that you would find in a random sample of the population of the U.S. or even along the U.S. coasts. Do think about exploring the area within fifteen or twenty KM of Boquete proper. Some areas are probably more congenial for an old sailor than you might think. An “old sailor” myself (about seven years cruising in the Caribbean, leading ultimately to Panama), I am quite happy in the substantially more rural area where we now live than I could possibly be in the immediate Boquete area.

  3. Hello Don:
    Thanks for the nice pictures. So far, that´s all I have seen of the 2009 Fair. Seems they have the adequate plants to withstand the violent winds and sunshine. I´m planning to have my landscape better prepared for the summers ahead.


  4. Don good fair pics. My wife & I liked the fair and are going back Monday with a neighbor who says that is the end of the fair & the time to buy. We will see. The fair is a real economic boon to the area. Many people around us have gotten work connected with the fair & the trucks selling imported good come up the San Pablo road daily.

    I am an old sailor, having owned sail boats for 30 years. We moved to San Pablo last year. We originally looked at Bocas Del Toro then Boquete but the David area has turned out to be the better choice for us.
    One thing sailors should consider, there is no wind much of the time & the Pacific can turn ugly fast. I was considering bringing a small sail boat I had but, locals said “better put a motor on it”. I took that advise & didn’t bring the boat.

  5. We haven’t been to the feria for a couple of years but are heading there today. Looking forward to seeing some changes.
    Note to Ray Mill: going to the feria grounds on Monday and finding good deals may be something of a David urban myth. Our first year in David, we were told this and showed up on the Monday morning looking to snag some bargains in pottery and furniture for our house. There were no deals, discounts or even haggling… these vendors work the feria/fiesta circuit throughout Central America and have no problem packing up their unsold goods and moving onto the next location. I hope our experience was the exception and that you & your friends can find what you’re looking for.

  6. Don Ray:
    Thanks for the pictures and the tour. I wish I could be there!
    Did you drink any “cold ones” ?

  7. Wishing I was there, but will like to see more pics of the different food stand and the beer …………..oh beer

  8. Don Ray:
    Is not David Fair without a “pinta” of Panama or Soberana. We will count your 7Up as a cold one this time.

  9. Hi DR – we headed over to the feria late yesterday afternoon, just as the breeze picked up, which made touring the grounds much more comfortable than the last time we went. We spent about 3 hours there and left just as the music in the discos started to pound… Yes, we did enjoy a ‘cold one’ while there. We were also tempted by a display of candy apples – this was a standard treat for both of us when we were kids at our local fairs, but recent dental problems – and bills – put paid to that! Is that what they call ‘older and wiser’? Oh well.

  10. Hi Don, Thanks for the Fair Photos, My wife and I willl be in David the end of June and I hope we can meet lunch.
    Lynton Lam

  11. Hello. I am currently living in San Antonio, TX. I enjoyed your pictures from David, Chiriquí. I was born but left Panamá when I was 2 years old. That was back in 1964. If you go back in history, thats when the Nido de Aguilas problem started and they moved all civilian from Canal Zone to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Yes, I was on that boat with my Mother. I have enjoyed David, Chiriquí several times when traveling with my wife and three boys. They fell in love with my country. The oldest was born in David, Chiriquí. I have not been able to return back to Panamá since 2002. I want to say that I enjoyed your picture and when I do go to Panamá, I will look you up. Thanks.

  12. I moved to the USA 22 years ago, I haven’t return to David, Chiriqui for almost 7 years. I have many memories of the Feria de San Jose de David. Looking at this site my heart grow fond and sharing it with my eleven years old son, I tell him how much things has change. The sites, the exihitions, is more glamour in all. I am happy to see that my little town has kept alive the tradition of our Patron Saint.
    Puro ganao bravo. Meto!

    Cecilia P. Cole, M.A.

  13. Don Ray you have a nice personality, I remember all the comments you made regarding the health care in the hospitals in David, Chiriqui. I admired how you care for your friends there.Why? Recently, my dear mother died, two weeks ago, I couldn’t go all my communication was via e-mail and phone and it was terrible, no doctors available to answer questions, the nurses really need more training and the worse mama, was in the Hospital Chiriqui, NO DOCTORS at night only nurses. I am sorry but I understand you now. Well, mama is death and that’s it

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