8 thoughts on “David International Fair

  1. We don’t know each other but I just heard from my cousin that there was a 6.0 earthquake in the Bahia de Panama but no reports on whether there was a sunami or not. So I Googled and found your site. Are you OK? What can you share about the quake? I have cousins here in the US that used to live in Pedregal Chiriqui as kids. We just wanted to know if there were repercussions in that area.


  2. Don Ray:
    Looking forward to “my” yearly trip to the fair through your camera lens. Thanks for doing this.

  3. Don, although it’s not out on their internet site, I was saw a poster on the grounds on Thursday that said they would show the Paso Fino horses today at noon. Should be worth a look!
    Tree and I went Thursday afternoon, before the fair was actually open. Great fun, as there were hundreds of people working hard to get ready, painting and sweeping and unpacking.
    And now at night those of us south of town are getting a great serenade every night until midnight. Raucous fun, loud music, whoopin’ and hollerin’. From our backyard, you might as well be there!

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