Have You Been Tested

I was in Super99 today and they were checking blood pressure. The people who do the testing are usually medical students from Universidad UNACHI.

Say hello to Einar and Wendy.

I came at 110/80. Have you had your blood pressure tested lately?

8 thoughts on “Have You Been Tested

  1. Just as an added note, if your upper arm circumference is over 13 inches, you need to use a large cuff. As standard sized cuff will read higher, even significantly higher, than a correctly sized cuff on a large arm.

  2. Though it is a free service for the community, most of us give them a dollar tip to help the school. Can you imagine that in many instances, there are no resources for board markers erasers, computer ink, nor even computer paper? (Needless to mention enough lab equipment). In Spanish, this is called: Trabajar con las uñas! ( Literally, working with your fingernails).

  3. Thanks to AS for mentioning the lack of resources. For us, we would like to participate in a validated effort that directs funds to purchase resources, directly benefiting the school children.

  4. Jeez Don, you must be near death!!

    The hottie with the plunging neckline would have had my blood pressure through the roof!

  5. I know what you mean, Michael. Donations (preferably in-kind) should go directly to those in need. The school year is starting soon, and it wouldn´t be difficult to find goal oriented, very-low income students (either at the elementary, middle and even tertiary level as I mentioned from experience). If you live in the area, you could approach a reputable civic organization ( Lions, JCI, etc) or an Orphanage as la Medalla Milagrosa, or others. If you are out of Panama, the process will be longer. In any case, NGO´s may be the best option.

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