Arts & Crafts Festival

Sunday we went to El Peligro to see the Arts & Crafts festival which was to benefit the restoration of this historical area. If you are ready, I will take you on a photo tour of the time I spent at the festival.

Here is a photo of an old printing press which will be in the museum.

Behind the museum were several paintings by local artists.

There was also a display of bonsai ornamental trees. Many were over 20 years old.

This was a radio that had been pulled out of the trash and saved for the museum. This has to be around 1950 vintage. Remember when Zenith was a brand to be respected. That was when everything you got from China was junk. My how times have changed.

Here is a photo of the museum that is to be restored.

There was plenty of entertainment going on. You can see Antonio Singh in the back of this photo. He was the master of ceremonies.

If you wanted you could take a seat and listen as these people were doing.

You can’t have any type of festival without an ice shaver making snow cones. Yum!

Here are a couple views of the park area.

This was a display of orchids.

Now if you want a reason to go to some of these local activities, these lovely ladies might be just the reason you need.

My last photo is a contrast of old and new. This is the old cathedral tower of the oldest church in David along with the new church.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Remember the David Fair is coming up beginning the 12th. I hope to go and get more photos again this year.

10 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts Festival

  1. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures. They all brought me memories of my childhoood. El Peligro neighborhood was my shortcut to go to my high school when I used to live in Chiriqui. I was surprised to see the new church next to the old tower. Is there any way I can get in touch with Mr. Singh? Is there any type of membership fee to be part of this group? Thanks so much for taking such wonderful pictures.

  2. Hi Don,

    Thanks for the great report and pictures. Could you do some “photo magic” on the picture of the young lady selling the jewelry?? Kindly lift up her right hand to see of there is a wedding ring hidden underneath on the left hand. If not, please step out of the way.

    Oh wait, I need to go ask my current wife first. I know what she’ll say. Disregard my request.


    Dan in San Diego

  3. Don Ray:
    The Catedral picture brought back happy and sad memories from the time I use to live in David. Thanks for posting the picture! The museum looks the same as 20 years ago.

  4. Hi Jaime. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. This was the first time I had been to this area. I have been close since I go to La Casona and Viaje Crisol.

  5. hey don ray,
    when you were referring to the zenith radio you said something to the effect “things from china were junk”. i think you meant things from japan were junk. i just remember all the cheap toys used to come from japan.

  6. Dear Don, do you have any idea, where such Bonsai trees could be bougt in Chiriqui? Any address or hint would be most helpful. Thank you! Heidi

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