Too Quiet Around Here

With Sofia moving to Costa Rica, I decided I needed something to replace the void of noise in the house. Let me introduce you to Kuka and Koki.

These are two love birds that I was fortunate enough to get from Nina and TJ in Volcan. I read on one of the yahoo groups that they had some young birds and were interested in placing them in good homes. Somehow, I convinced them that I qualified.

Thanks go out to Nina and TJ.

5 thoughts on “Too Quiet Around Here

  1. These birds are adorable. I never fancied myself a bird lover until I adopted a baby cockateil. Tweety bird loved sitting on my finger or shoulder and picked up language quickly. In fact, he was bilingual. His favorite sayings were “Pretty Bird” and “Buenas Dias…Que Paso?” Interacting with young birds every day will make them wonderful companions. Best of luck with your new addition.

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