Monthly Archives: March 2009

A Nice Rain

It is obvious that the seasons are getting ready to change. We are having a very nice rain right now. In the rainy season I only take morning flights to Panama or from Panama to David. The afternoons are the most likely to have rain and flying in the rain is not my thing.

Getting Ready To Take Some Time Off

Prepare yourselves for fewer posts on Chiriquí Chatter. I am planning on taking some time off to relax and smell the roses. You should plan on doing the same. I purchased new luggage. I have my tickets. I will depart on Saturday and will not return for about 10 days.

While I will have my laptop, I am not expecting on having much opportunity to use it. I will be out of the country. I am going to go to some places I have never visited before and to some places that I have visited before. I will try to check my email, at some time while I am gone, but I can’t promise anything.

My only real plan it to get up each morning and live that day to its fullest. I am taking plenty of sun screen, extra batteries for the camera and adventurous mind. I thought I would give you an early warning. I still have a few items to take care of before I depart and I didn’t want to get away without saying Hasta Luego.


The Mentalist has become one of my favorite pastimes on television. It is another crime solving show, but has a unique feature that a mentalist aids the police in solving the crimes. I have found it to be entertaining and lite hearted.

In last night’s show it brought another of my old favorites to the show, the Citroën DS. If you aren’t familiar with the Citroën DS, it is a French car that is thought of by some to be the most beautiful car that was ever built and by others to be one of the ugliest.

In the early seventies, I came close to buying one several times. I went to the dealer so often, he was calling me by my first name.

The DS had an unusual hydraulic suspension system that gave it a ride like no other car I have ever driven. As I remember, it didn’t have a jack. If you had a flat, you just flipped a lever and the appropriate wheel would retract to a level that it could be changed.

If the spare happened to be flat, the car could be driven on three wheels. I have owned a lot of cars and the one car that I regret not buying was this car.

Last nights show of the Mentalist, reawakened my old love affair. While I didn’t buy the Citroën, I retained an admiration for the French design and bought a Peugeot in the 80’s. The Peugeot 505SD turned out to be another car that I enjoyed having and it gave me good service for many years.

It is amazing how last night’s show brought back so many memories. I bet that many people watched the show and had never seen a Citroën before. I would still like to have one of those cars.

Things to Consider

I was talking to a friend the other day in El Rey and he brought up the growing water problems in and around David. I guess I shouldn’t limit it to David, because I think the problem is one that is in much of Chiriquí, if not all of Panama.

The problem is that the infrastructure is not sufficient to handle the current population and with the growth that has occurred in the last few years, it has gotten worse.

When you go to buy or rent a house or apartment you really need to find out how the service is for electricity, telephone, water, Internet and all of the items that you are most interested in. Don’t ask the developer or owner. They will always tell you that there is no problem.

The fact is, that in much of David, there isn’t sufficient water pressure to take a decent shower throughout the day. Many people have water in the morning and the evening. I have heard rumors that some areas are planning on cutting off water on certain days. Continue reading Things to Consider