Monthly Archives: February 2009

New Neighborhood house Under Construction

A couple of weeks ago a new house was started in my neighborhood. The first thing they did was to clear trees from the lot and bring in dirt to level the foundation area.

I finally took the photo above today. You can see that the foundation has been poured. The structure at the center of the photo houses tools and things they don’t want to disappear during the construction. If they don’t have a night watchman living in the shed, they will soon. Things that aren’t watched have a habit of walking off.

Too the left of the shed, you will see the concrete mixer. All concrete that is needed will be mixed on the site.

I will try to take photos to show the daily progress.

RV Caravan From Texas To Panama

A group of 21 RVs, pickups pulling trailers and campers were parked at PriceSmart today. Tomorrow they will head to their home base in Santa Clara for six days.

I talked to one gentleman in the group and he said there people from Canada, all over the US and one man from Australia.

I asked how the trip had been and the man I talked to said terrible. He was driving one of the larger rigs and he said the roads were not equipped to handle it. He said there were several places in Honduras where there were washed out roads. I bet it was an exciting time.

He said the border crossings had been about 5 hours per crossing, but that was the main problem. No other border hassles.

Here are photos of the rest of the units. Continue reading RV Caravan From Texas To Panama

Let There Be Light – Please!

The electricity went out about 3AM this morning. I know the time because my UPS started beeping and I had to get up and turn it off. Then the electricity came on about 4 AM and went off again about 6 AM. It didn’t return until about 9 AM. Telephone, Cable TV and telephone didn’t show up until about 10 AM.

I was asked if I would rather be without electricity or water. That is an interesting question. My decision was I would rather have electricity. I hate cold showers and without electricity, I would have cold showers, which for me would mean no showers. Others will just have to put up with my body oder until the electricity returns.

I was happy I had a gas stove or I would have been without breakfast. Toast from the griddle on the stove, instant coffee from hot water on the stove, bacon and eggs. With an electric stove, I would have been down to bread and water. I always keep a butane lighter here because the stove can’t ignite the burners without electricity.

There is always an adventure waiting to happen in paradise.

Be Thankful For What You Have

I just read a post in my friend Omar’s blog.  I think it is worth reading. Too many of us come to Panama and don’t realize how good we had it growing up where ever that might have been. We miss the opportunity to help others that were not as fortunate as we were, by doing something as simple as buying a newspaper. We forget that the bag boys in all the supermarkets work only for the tips they receive from the customers that they bag the groceries for.

Read this post by Omar about just one of Panama’s street workers. Then next time consider buying a paper whether you can read Spanish or not. And don’t forget the bag boys.

Arts & Craft’s Festival in David – March 1

I received the following from Antonio Singh.

The historical neighborhood of El Peligro, David’s most traditional neighborhood, is preparing its first arts and crafts festival for march the first of this year.

This event will consist of traditional and international food sales from foreign nationals living in Chiriquí. Also, arts an crafts exhibits, book exchanges and flee markets. All these without costs for participants, they only need t bring their own tables and wares to sale.

Arts exhibitors will be able to use an open air gallery located at the gardens of the David’s historical museum.

Musical groups will also entertain the event.

People interested on participating in this event can visit the ofices of culturama and Fundacion Gallegos call 730-4010 0r 6618-2929

This event is organized by the Movenmente for the Restoration of Chiriqui’s Historical Patrimony.