Do You Like Chocolate?

I received the following email and it may be of interest if you have a sweet tooth.

From……: Nancy Amato
Url…….: www.Caribbean-Chocolate-Company

Dear Don,

You and I have not had the pleasure of meeting as yet, but I have heard about you, favorably, of course, from many of the foreigners, who live here in Chiriqui! I am, Nancy Amato, and my son, Henry Smith, and I, have the, “Caribbean Chocolate Company.” We have had this business for almost 7 years now. We started out in Bocas del Toro, on Isla Colon, and Isla Bastimentos, where we lived for about 5 years.  We moved to David about 3 years ago.

In any case, up until very recently, we were only selling our chocolate, in Bocas del Toro, where we have a good established customer base, including the Super Gourmet Grocery, Tito Thomas’ Hotel Bahia concession, at the Bocas airport, Starfish Coffee in Bocas, and the Bocas Internet Cafe.

Due to popular demand, we are now branching out, and have just begun, selling here in David! Our first two outlets, which are now stocked with freshly made, chocolate bars, made with organic cacao, are the Bambu Eco Hostel, in San Mateo, owned by our dear friend, Mike Esterson, and at Enma’s Spa Salon, (another dear friend) on the road to Boquete, on the right, just past the Mosque. Enma’s brother, Alberto, has a small coffee shop at the same location, and he has graciously offered to carry the chocolate, for all you chocolate lovers, driving past, on your way to, and from, Boquete!

My friend Lorelei Kusin, is also now carrying the chocolate at her second and newer location, of the Super Gourmet Grocery, in Casco Viejo, in Panama City.

Our chocolate is made fresh to order.  We add no preservatives. The chocolate travels well, as it does not melt, like traditional chocolate. It is best kept in the refrigerator, although it can remain outside of same, for about a week; just pop the bars back in the fridge, and they keep for a very long time!  We offer, plain, almond, and coconut bars. We also have nice quality t-shirts, with a beautiful logo on them, as well as coffee mugs! So, to all our loyal, and soon to be loyal customers, we say thank you so much for your patience!! For a while now, we have been meeting individual customers, at the TGI Friday’s parking lot, for their chocolate needs!  I guess those clandestine meetings are now behind us!! Anyone interested in special orders, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Again, many thanks for your time.

With our very best,

Nancy Amato
Henry Smith

4 thoughts on “Do You Like Chocolate?

  1. I can attest to the fact that Nancy and Henry’s Caribbean Chocolate is absolutely addictive! I am thrilled that it is easy to purchase now.

  2. Anybody named Henry Smith is all right in my book. There’s four of ’em living in my family. Henry Smith (my dad) Henry Smith, Jr. (that’s me), Henry Smith III (my son) and Henry Smith IV (grandson) My grandfather and great-great–grandfather were Henrys as well.

    Fine name.

  3. Dear Don,

    Thank you for, so graciously, and generously, providing the letter about our chocolate, to your dear readers! And, to Joyce, thanks so much!! You sweet girl! Also, to, “other” family of, “Henry Smith’s” – thank you, as well!! We look forward to many happy, and contented chocolate lovers, enjoying our product, here in Chiriqui!!

    With our best,
    Nancy & Henry

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