7 thoughts on “Carnival is over. Back to Work

  1. Thanks Don. Looks like the walls are going up. I see they’re using a cement mixer rather than hand mixing. I’m interested to see if they put up a fence. When I build my house, I had thought that putting up a fence first might be a good idea.

  2. Don: Have any numbers on the building like cost of land and construction costs. Is there any place in David to rent tools and equipment like mortar mixers-cement finishers-scaffolding and such? If not do you think a business that rented such items would fly? I am in that business in Rocky Mount,NC. Thanks Walt

  3. Hi Walt. I don’t know current costs. maybe someone else does. I am sure that places rent the equipment, but I also don’t know them. Sorry.

  4. Hi Don. I did speak with the owners of the property and they have no problem with you taking the photos. They were very appreciative that I asked permission. I will enjoy seeing your photos and reading the comments.

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