11 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts Festival Map

  1. Thanks for the map. I have gotten several different locations for the Fair from my neighbors, none of them match your map. I need to improve my Spanish.

  2. If you start at Parque Cervantes, face Romeros and walk, you should be able to handle it. It isn’t my map and I don’t know the street names.

  3. Yes, I could handle that, but some newcomers may not know how to get to Romeros or Parque cervantes.
    I thought maybe you could give directions from the Pan American Highway because people coming from David or Boquete, etc. would have a starting point that is familiar.

  4. I would kindly suggest any newcomer to town, to ask for maps of David at Librería Quadrifoglio, any of Revilla´s, Arrocha, Librería Regional, Malek Airport or IPAT (Instituto Panameño de Turismo). Thanks Don Ray for your CC hobby.

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