Sunday Lunch at the Marina

Stella’s Marina Restaurant is always a good choice for me for a Sunday lunch.

The specials for Sunday were the following:

I chose the Lobster with garlic and fried tomato. I couldn’t have made a better choice. It was cooked to perfection and had plenty of meat. 

If you stop in the Marina, tell Walter I said hello.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch at the Marina

  1. Don,
    Sounds like you are living high on the hog. Don’t blame you though.. Like I tell all 2 of my friends, ‘Live it up while you still can!’
    Anyhow, maybe we’ll see you in March for that lunch you owe us!
    Oh, BTW, the ‘Boss’ here wants to return to Panama. If you hear of anybody wanting to bail out of a small farm-like property up around Volcan, have’em let me know. You have my email address & take it EZ.
    Pura Vida
    PS. I’ll sure miss the eye candy here though.. Much more to look at here but my neck is irreversibly damaged at this point. Eyes too.

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