Carnival Time

Today and tomorrow will be big party days and Dolega will be the hub in Chiriquí. In the past I found that it took over an hour to get through Dolega driving from Boquete to David. Most businesses will be closed. The malls will be open.

I try to avoid Carnival. It is about the biggest drinking reason that comes to Panama and Panamanians typically don’t need much of an excuse to drink.

When I think of Carnival, I think of some of the exotic places in the world like Rio that have huge parades with many beautiful women. I think there is a big parade in Panama City.

Carnival in Chiriquí is booze and water to me. The water isn’t to drink, the object is to soak everyone. I hope someone with a waterproof camera gets some photos.

I understand that nine months from Carnival, Panama always has an increase in births. Good luck if you are in the celebration. Have fun and keep one hand on your billfold.

4 thoughts on “Carnival Time

  1. Don Ray:
    I agree with you. Like they say in Panama, ‘the only thing panamania take seriously is the “Carnaval”. When I was a kid growing up in David, we did not celebrate Carnavales at all, maybe because a month later we celebrate 10 days of the “Feria” I hated the “mojadera” epecially if you did not wanted to participate, they will get you wet anyway.
    If you want to see colorful carnavales (but still loud) I suggest for you to go to Las Tablas (in Los Santos). Also, if they still celebrate them, the Acuatic carnivals in Penonome (Cocle) were also good.
    I have not been in Panama city in a long time to reccomend the ones there.

  2. Hi Jamie. I understand that Las Tablas is the place to go to see color. I have never been there and doubt that I will any time soon. thanks for dropping in.

  3. My wife & I went to Dolega for a look. We are old, from what we saw it is for young people. All our neighbors said we should go but when we returned & asked if they were going the answer was NO. I am sorry but, getting wet & drunk is for the young.
    I am not up set that the worker are not showing up , many businesses are closed & roads are blocked. Many here live deprived lives & carnival provides a bit of fun. I wish I was young enough to join in. !Viva Carnaval!

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