Neighborhood House Sunday

As you can see from the photo, the walls and major support beams are going up. Most people like to use this time of the year to get the foundation set and hopefully get the house under roof before the rainy season begins. Previous post is HERE.

6 thoughts on “Neighborhood House Sunday

  1. Does the contractor/property owner now have a night watchman living in the shed? I’ve wondered how they prevent materials and other stuff from disappearing. I wonder how they secure stuff that doesn’t fit in the shed?

  2. Hello Don,
    Can you give me some insight on a 30k-50k price range home development? I have been to David on several occasions and I am fluent in Spanish speaking. From what I have read on your previous posting, you have been able to visit a few of these developments and I am hoping you can share your subjective opinion on this subject.

    Thank you


  3. Hi Herman. I really don’t have enough experience to answer your question. I have looked at houses in Concepcion, and thought that for the money, they were reasonably built. I have seen some of the homes behind Chiriqui Mall and they are larger and have gotten a little more expensive.

    If I were building, I would paln on visiting the site everyday to catch mistakes early. When it is finished, it is hard and expensive to change since it is built with concrete blocks.

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