6 thoughts on “Moscow Circus in David

  1. Moscow in Panama. Interesting. Putin has told Obama that Socialism is bad. I don’t think Obama is listening. Oh Dear. Dick

  2. My son Tree and I went to the five o’clock show yesterday. Actually, we went to the two o’clock show, as advertised in the posters around town, but they weren’t having it, so we came back. The circus was a great deal of fun.
    I calculated there were about two hundred people at that show. The tent could easily seat six hundred or more. Most folks, like us, were in the cheap seats, which were perfect, as even those are very close to the ring.
    Dancers, a bear, a giraffe, tigers, high wire walkers, all sorts of fun! The smaller kids were especially enjoying themselves. I was disappointed that they asked that no pictures be taken inside….

  3. My wife and kids had a great time at the circus the other evening. Notice that ring-side seats only cost xtra for adults; they’ve got a bit of padding and are in groups of four.
    Watching people do extremely dangerous stunts without safety gear puts my stomach in a knot. I went to the movie instead and we met up afterward.
    Have a Super Mega Extra good day!

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