9 thoughts on “Don Lee’s Comes To David

  1. My Panamanian wife’s favorite restaurant. Most of the afternoon, she’s had a migraine and has hid her head under a pillow “incommunicado.” When I mentioned that Don Lee had come to David, she pulls the pillow off her head and says, “I like Don Lee.” She hasn’t talked to me in a couple of hours…but Don Lee comes to the town she’s gonna live near in the future…and…. 🙂

  2. Don Ray:
    What about my daughter’s favorite restaurant when she goes to Panama to visit: Niko’s Cafe. Are they planning to open in David?
    By the way, I do not recall you posting anything about the “Carnavales” (which are going on right now). Why is that?

  3. Hi Jamie. I have not heard of Niko’s coming to David. In fact the last time I went to Niko’s in Panama City, I wasn’t too impressed. If it comes, I will let you know.

    Actually, I did make a post on Carnival today. It isn’t one of the celebrations I take in.

  4. Don,
    We like that big Chinese restaurant in David that looks from the inside like it was formerly a small movie theatre. You know, Very high ceiling, nice tables & chairs, giant TV on the wall above the bar etc. Everytime I go there though, I feel like I’m getting cheezed on the shrimp count on my plate. We sometimes go with a friend of ours (1 of the 2 we have) and she’ll get a pound of shrimp on top of whatever else is under it and I’ll get the 4 shrimp plate. Maybe these waiters figure they’ll help me out with another 6 months of quality time on this earth but I’d rather have the CHOW!

  5. Hi Don Ray:
    Regarding Jaime´s question,
    It´s no wonder that some people from other cultures -like many of us, Panamanians- prefer to keep far from the loud noise and “revulú” of Carnavales. “For everything there is a season…”

  6. Sounds like our Don Lee experience in Panama was the exception and not the rule, so will definitely will give it another try when the David location opens. Guessing that KK is talking about the Chinese Steak House and we’ve never felt cheated on the shrimp count. We usually get more than we can eat & end up with take-out. Que triste to hear that KK has only 2 friends.

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