Chiriqui Chatter Site Is No Longer Sick

I am not sure if I can make this post or not. My Web Host has not solved my current problem. The Categories part of the WordPress DB seems to have become corrupted. I have had a trouble ticket in since about 2:00 PM yesterday. The Coppermine Photo Album DB is also broken. I will let them work on the problem. Until things are fixed, there will be no new posts.

The Status of the problem is posted in the Chiriqui Chatter Status Site.

UPDATE: 9:20 AM. I think I have been able to resolve all DB problems and the site appears to be back to up to its normal/abnormal status. Let me know if you find something not working.

6 thoughts on “Chiriqui Chatter Site Is No Longer Sick

  1. hahahahaha! Blame my stiff fingers, recent eye surgery, old keyboard, whatever… In any case, it can be called “a Senior´s double comment”… Don, I appreciate you erased one…

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